Walkerman is a MEL program for MAYA that automatically animates Biped, Quadraped, Bird, Centaur and a Spider . . . In this case, all you do is click a button on the shelf, choosing a character type, and it creates the skeleton for the character AND when you press the play button the character walks or runs. The quadraped also hops or gallops. It is all done via MEL, so it does not require any fooling with IK, and it has "Stabilization" (it adds bones that allow the character to move freely without major distortions in the character skin), which minimizes having to paint skin weights.

When created, the bones are in the pose position, and you then attach the character to it, hit PLAY, and the character walks or runs away. Just like that . . . . if you hit rewind, you can RE-POSE the character. You can make the character walk or run in any direction, or create a crowd of characters, all walking or running in different directions. You can manipulate all the fingers of each hand at once, to open or close the hand or you can control the fingers individually. This program is approaching 30,000 downloads . . .

I am planning on creating a similar program for Blender.

Click on this image to go to my Walkerman download page on the Creative Crash Website. (There is also an installation and tutorial file there, you can view them by clicking on the reel icons on that site.)

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As I mentioned above, I am planning on porting this program over to Blender. What I have done so far is mostly experimental code, but I am making it available for download, to make it availble to those from my LinkedIn group, Blender Open Artist Group, that I run, and to anyone who is interested in this aspect of coding and how it would be implemented in Blender using python. Even though this code is fun to play around with, and you could do an animation with it, it is not an auto-walker yet, as it is capable of doing in Maya using MEL. The file name reflects that . . . . rg34. . . . . it is the 34th revision of the code from the point I started experimenting with . . . unzip the file, open Blender, load it into Blender's text editor then click the run script button.