What is TachuYouLearn?
TachYouLearn is made specifically so you can quickly create questions and answers, then have them randomly presented back to you, to practice recalling them. TachYouLearn does not correct or score answers, it is strictly for a person that wants to create questions and answers, to self-study any subject that they want. You can copy paste questions and answers into it, save them, then have them randomly presented to you. TachYouLearn does track the number of questions, as you see in this demo.

Important Note: You will need to have a recent version of the Free Java Runtime installed on your system to run this file. Click on the link to get it.

Download TachYouLearn here.

When you first open TachYouLearn, you will first see this:

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Which just means that you have not yet created a question and answer file! In the zip file that you downloaded, there is a sample test file you can open. Just click the [Open] button, then click the [Next] button, and you will see a question. Click the [Next] button again and you will see the answer. Each time you click the [Next] button, you will see a new question, then a new answer, until you run out of questions and answers. If you want to start over, just click the [Restart] button.

Here is a screenshot of the program in action:

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