Welcome to TachuFind . . . A multi-lingual text editor . . . updated on 1-22-2017, and it is 100% free. . . . Be advised! All language changes occur under Windows, and the shortcut is, hold down the Windows button and tap the spacebar. Of course, you must have the languages installed for them to work! If you do not have the languages installed, you will be notified when you load TachuFind for the first time.(The notification can be turned off by going to options.) Make sure you either copy the languages or take a screen shot of them, so you can install the correct ones . . they should match exactly. You may need to do a search on Google for instructions on how to add languages to Windows. Keyboard shortcuts are now working. Refer to the help file to learn more about how this program works, or link to the tutorial videos.

TachuFind Requirements:
1. TachuFind requires Windows Vista or Windows 7 Operating System or later. Windows 7 requires the Ultimate version.
2. Make sure you have .NET 4.0 or later installed. Go to download .NET and install it.
3. Download Tachufind New Version has been uploaded as of 1-16-2017.

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Go to the DOWNLOADS link above to download the program. Features . . .See my short tutorialvideos on youtube! Be advised though, language changes are now done in Windows! (Hold down the Windows button and tap the space bar.) This program is written in Visual Basic, using Visual Studio 2010. This program is written in Visual Basic, using Visual Studio 2010.

TachuFind Color Master elegantly simplifies coloring text in a document or language learning. Suppose you wanted to study Latin grammar. Using TachuFind, you can learn using colors:

Agricolae in provincia vocatis. Poetae naturam spectant. Poetae naturam laudant. Feminae poetas laudant. Litteras poetarum laudamus. Galliam amatis. Silvas et agricolas Galliae amamus. Laudo poetae.

Present Tense:
Singular Ending Meaning Plural Ending Meaning
-o I ___ -amus we___
-as you ___ -atis yous*___
-at s/he, it___ -ant they___

* You may see the use of "yous" anywhere on this website. While it's not necessarily proper, is the easiest way to distinguish between the second person singular and second person plural.

With TachuFind, you are not restricted to one language or to using a textbook text, you can choose your own text! At the top of TachuFind, there are color panels, if you select some text and then click a color panel, the text changes color to the same color as the color panel. If you use the search-color-replace screen, you can add notes as you search-color-replace, so later when you put your mouse over the matching color panel, it provides you with a reminder of what that color signifies! This method can work with practically any text you have, I have used it to create a mode diagram for guitar, and it can also help if you are reading something highly technical, you can mark the new words, so you have reminders when you see one that you forgot. In addition, this program allows you to replace up to eight items at a time, and up to sixty-four color items at a time. Languages presently supported are Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. These languages must be installed on your Windows operating system to display properly. TachuFind will run under Windows Vista, Windows 7, or later operating systems.

Searches can be saved and later retrieved. You can search text areas exclusively, simply by inserting a marker around the text you are interested in editing. With TachuFind, you can search for suffixes, prefixes, within a paragraph or within a language, and replace the normal color with the color of your choice. TachuFind is made so you can color the items in the text that you need to learn, and disregard what you already know. TachuFind does not presently contain comprehensive grammar charts for each language; however, this site will soon allow search chart sharing, TachuFind already has search import-export capability. Check out my downloads page, were you can download a free copy of John Williams White's First Greek Book and Balzac's Le Colonel Chabert, and Balzac's Gobseck.

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