Instant Animation for Blender

In 2007, when I was using Maya, I created a program called Walkerman, a MEL program that automatically animated a Biped, Quadraped, Bird, Centaur or a Spider . . . Now I am working on a similar project for Blender (  This program will allow you to choosing a character type, and it will create the skeleton for the character, skin the character to the skeleton and, when you press the play button the character will walk or run. The quadraped will also hop or gallop. The project will be done via Python, it does not require any fooling with IK, and it has "Stabilization" (it adds bones that allow the character to move freely without major distortions in the character skin), which minimizes having to paint skin weights.

When created, the bones are in the pose position, and you then attach the character to it, hit PLAY, and the character walks or runs away. Just like that . . . . if you hit rewind, you can re-pose the character. You can make the character walk or run in any direction, or create a crowd of characters, all walking or running in different directions. You can manipulate all the fingers of each hand at once, to open or close the hand or you can control the fingers individually. The old Walkerman program is approaching 30,000 downloads . . . I'd like to  see the same or better results for the Instant Animation program for Blender . . .  This is a Kickstarter project, with a goal of completing it by December.
If you would like to help me by funding it, it will help me complete the project faster (I will be able to work full
time on it.)  This will be  an open source project.   What I have done so far is standardization of the code header, experiments with code, and I am making all of it available for download as open source on my github site. You can track my progress on Blender Open Artist Group.   Thanks ahead of time for all who support me in this endeavor.

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