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Ancient Greek

John Williams White's First Greek Book an Ancient Greek study book. Updated version (uploaded 12-8-2012) that includes accented characters and color. Some of the answers filled in, but I am no expert in Ancient Greek, so some may not be perfect . . . but I think that having some answer is better than none, although you will not find many past Chapter Twenty. It is best to use Tachufind, downloadable on this site for reading this, due to limited margin space in most rtf text editors. I spent about 2500+ hours on the First Greek Book project; it was very tedious, requiring a lot of attention to detail.
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Harry Fletcher Scott's First Latin Lessons . . . added on 3-17-2012. This revision Copyright © 2012 by TachuFind.

Sallustii Catilina - This is an interlinear, with Latin and English

The Catiline Conspiracy!!
You can also read this interlinear from this site - The Catiline Conspiracy!!

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