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 Game Start Page This presents the idea for the game, and starts the process of discussing the code of the random level generator.
 Rooms Data File - - stores the room configurations.
 Level Creation File - - creates a faux matrix, (it is really just a list), creates tunnels with random places designated as rooms, inserts the  rooms, then places the matrix into the dungeon.
 Tile Creation File - - This file creates the panels used as walls, ceilings, floors.  Both ceilings and floors are just one big piece, which optomizes performance.  This file works with to create the dungeon.
 Dungeon Creation File - -  Creates the dungeon using the file, each wall is created based on its orientation, which speeds up the building of the dungeon.
 Player Creation File - - Creates the collision box, camera and spotlight.  The camera and spotlight are parented to the collision box.  The player is placed at a random position in the dungeon.
 Player Logic File - - Creates the controls for the movement of the character within the dungeon.  These are logic bricks, but are created via python code.
 The Main File - - This is the main file that runs all the other modules; this page also contains the file downloads.
 Geo - This is just a general purpose file I created, it is required, but I consider it to be an all-around utility file rather than part of the game, but you will find some usefull functions here.
 This code Copyright 2014 by Shawn Irwin. Anyone may use this code for any purpose as long as you give the author credit for his work.

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The main file puts it all together. You will see it in the text editor when you load the Blend file.  To run this, you will need to:
1. Download and place the Script Files into the Blender addons directory. My directory is located at C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.72\scripts\addons. You will need to restart Blender if you have it open to re-load the script files.

2. Download the Blend File, with the three textures that come with it into a new folder, then open it in ***Blender version 2.72 or higher***.  (I am using Blender 2.72b). Note that the Blender file (archeuslore.blend) may take some time to load, as it already contains a game level. On my computer it takes between 15 and 20 seconds.

3. In the text editor, you will see the following lines:
 ***** NOTE *****
    path = "C:\\ABlender Game\\textures\\"  <------ Here!
    floorPath = path + "floor.png"
    ceilingPath = path + "ceiling.png"
    wallPath = path + "wall.png"

You will need to update the path to wherever you put your texture files.  In Windows explorer, you can right-click the address bar and select "copy address as text"..

4. Put your cursor over the 3D View and press "Control" and the "0" (zero) on the number pad at the same time.  (Make sure you do not select or deselect what is in the 3D View, or you will have to re-select the camera by clicking "select" at the bottom of the window and "camera".)

5. When the file is open, put your cursor over the 3D view window and press "p".  If Blender fails to detect the texture files, you will need to change the paths to them in the text editor.  There are relevant notes there to help you if that occurs.
    The mouse will direct the spot light, and the four keys one your keyboard will choose your diection of travel.
    "w" key = North. (up)
    "s" key = South (down)
    "a" key = East (left)
    "d" key = West (right)

If you want to generate another distinct level, follow the directions below.

To load a new level:
1. Select all in the 3D view window by pressing the "a" button and delete everything.

2. Click on the "Run Script" button.  This may take some time, depending on your computer.

  Image not available

3. Press the "p" button.

4. The mouse will direct the spot light, and the four keys one your keyboard will choose your diection of travel. 
If the screen appears blank, try moving your mouse, as it may not be correctly positioned..

"w" key = North. (up)
"s" key = South (down)
"a" key = East (left)
"d" key = West (right)

Today's photo of the dungeon. I have improved the textures and added mist to the world environment.
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