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Go to this page for my recommended web links, which include free e-books, video and audio language learning resources.

The following text-file downloads (in .rtf format) are available for free.

Ancient Languages:

John Williams White's First Greek Book an Ancient Greek study book.  This book is also available on site, although I have not finished the charts.  First Greek Book.  This is an updated version (uploaded 12-8-2012) which includes accented characters and color.   Some of the answers filled in, but I am no expert in Ancient Greek, so some may be incorrect . . . but I think that having some answer is better than none, although you will not find many past Chapter Twenty.  This revision Copyright © 2012 by TachuFind.  I have spent about 2500+ hours on the First Greek Book project; I am now beginning work on a rogue-type game with dungeon levels and creatures . . . made to help people learn languages as they play . . .
Harry Fletcher Scott's First Latin Lessons . . . added on 3-17-2012.  This revision Copyright © 2012 by TachuFind.
The Catiline Conspiracy - Sallustii Catilina - This is an interlinear, with Latin and English

A Latin Interlinear . . Sallustii Catilina . . .  Sallust's  The Catiline Conspiracy!!  You can also read this interlinear from this site -  Read The Catiline Conspiracy.  This revision Copyright © 2012 by TachuFind.

Contemporary Languages:
French  Audio (in French) downloads provided by
                         Text                                                  mp3:
1. Balzac's Le Colonel Chabert                            Le Colonel Chabert
2. Balzac's * Gobseck.                                        Gobseck
3. Balzac's * La Maison Du Chat Qui Pelote.      La Maison Du Chat Qui Pelote
Balzac's * La Bourse.                                       La Boursee
5. Balzac's * Pierre Grassou
* You can add this to Le Colonel Chabert, or just copy over the dictionary from Le Colonel Chabert, as they all use the same dictionary.
Le Colonel Chabert has become one of the most popular downloads, so I am considering adding the whole long story, which in book form is six small-size volumes.  

Italian Stories:
First Italian Reader
Download  This includes Fifteen stories both the text files and the text-to-speech mp3 files.  Footnotes are included, however, I have only provided a Google translation, so the translations are not perfect by any means!  The dictionary for this is not yet included.  Stories included are A Fiure Secco, Cenerentola, Il Gatto Cogli Stivali, Il Giurato, Il Maestro Di Calligraphia, Il Piccolo Patriota Padovano, La Dote D' Orsolina, La Mia Padrona, La Piccola Vedetta Lombarda, Lo Zio Ministro, Rivelazioni Dun' Ostrica, Sotto L'ombrello, Un Naufragio, Una Notte Infernale, Veni, Vidi, Non Vici,

Teach Yourself RussianDownload  Including mp3 audio Text To Speech files in ZIP(432 MB) .   This revision Copyright © 2011 by TachuFind.

Cuentos y Leyendas - Easy to read short, funny stories in Spanish. Download Dictionary at the end. Audio TTS (Text To Speech) files included, they help with learning pronunciation!  Stories include:  Alicia La Prudente, Caperucita Roja, El Flautista de Hamelin, El Francés, El Portugués Y El Andaluz, (very funny)  El Herrero De Calabazas, El Pastel Del Soldado, El Tío Blas, El Tio Miserias, La Lechera, La Mujer Curiosa, La Princesa Qui No Quería Reirse, Las Aventuras Del Jorobado Muerto, Las Tres Gracias, Los Andaluces En Nueva York, Los Cambios De Pedro, Los Músicos De Bremen, Los Tres Osos. This revision Copyright © 2011 by TachuFind.

Web Links

Odds and N's

Walkerman is a MEL program for MAYA that automatically animates Biped, Quadraped, Bird, Centaur and a Spider . . . In this case, all you do is click a button on the shelf, choosing a character type, and it creates the skeleton for the character AND when you press the play button the character walks or runs. The quadraped also hops or gallops. It is all done via MEL, so it does not require any fooling with IK, and it has "Stabilization" (it adds bones that allow the character to move freely without major distortions in the character skin), which minimizes having to paint skin weights. 

Since I have removed the math section from  this page to add the game section, I am adding the download link for learning the Trigonometry Functions here.


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