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1. This link will help you find free e-texts in other langauges - Project Gutenberg.
2. E-book Sources: a:  b:, c:

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Other Language Learning Sources:
1. Here is a website with Russian, including audio.
    You can also find some very good learning resources at

2. Ancient Greek.
    A. Ancient Greek Online
    B. Introduction to Ancient and Biblical Greek 

3. Ancient Greek and Latin

4. Arabic.  Arabicdashstudio

5. French.  French In Action

6. Spanish   Destinos

Study Methods I use and recommend are:
1. Do not start by learning grammar! It will most likely bore you to death! Instead, get a few basic language programs, surround yourself with movies in that language you are studying, listen to it as you go hiking, etc. You want to first develop an ear for the pronunciation!
2. As you listen to recordings of the language, do not try to pick it all up at once. Remember when you were a kid and you would see advertizements on TV and then end up repeating some of the things they said, without even thinking about it?
3. Foreign language movies.  Try to find the ones that are subtitled in both languages.  Do not just watch, but listen to them over and over again.
4. Parallel texts, Hugo's language books.  Grammar books after you start to get a feel for the language.

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