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  Having completed the work on my Random Level Generator, the code is posted under the Game menu.  The game I am creating will be called Archeus Lore¬©, it is going to be a Rogue-style game that uses interaction with monsters, purchase of weapons and supplies to teach the user a new language, for example, the Russian alphabet, grammar, numbers and basics.  It will have dynamic lower levels, so all levels will be unique.

  During my many days of studying other languages, which is what I do for a hobby, I would often wonder if there could be some way to make the grammar more visible, and hence easier to learn. If you have ever tried studying Ancient Greek, you are sure to share the same sentiment. TachuFind was created with that type problem in mind. While working my way through John Williams White's First Greek Book, a book on learning Ancient Greek, I decided to write this program, and I have since found it to be helpful in creating all kinds of colored documents in a very short timeframe. TachuFind was originally created to work with White's First Greek Book, but was also standardized to work with any text.  The name TachuFind, is a combination of Ancient Greek (tachu) [phoneticized] and English (find), tachu meaning swiftly, so put together they mean "swiftly find". While this program was created with the study of language in mind, it is also useful for tutorials of all sorts and learning any textized material very rapidly.
If you are curious about some of my earlier work, you can find a scripting program I wrote in the MEL programming language for Maya (a 3D animation program) at Creative Crash

I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you for visiting my website!  Shawn Irwin.

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